EEG 3520- Routine EEG

EEG 3520 has all you need for a routine or clinical EEG system. It is a strong, high quality, and user friendly EEG system with 24 channels configuration.

Note, for LTM applications, we recommend the  EEG 5000Q.

EEG 3520 Hardware:

Routine EEG or clinical EEG 3520 contains the following parts:

  • 24 channel Head box with its cable (EEG Cable)
  • Interfacing box
  • Photic stimulator and its cable
  • Isolation transformer (if required)
  • PC in case of requires and EEG application software
  • Trolley (if required)
  • Printer (if required)
  • EEG accessories
  • Optional video EEG recording (if required)

EEG 3520 Software:

  • Programmable functions include: Montage Manager and figures, Montage Editor, filters, scales, time division, EEG process pattern(stimulator, and HV patterns), reanalysis tools, editable report generator.
  • High Quality video recording, analog zoom, programmable review speed, data selection and storage, easy data selection.
  • Programmable systems default values such as channels number, low and high pass filters, time scales, and sensitivities, selection, and report texts.
  • Available just with PC.

Test results can be reviewed even electronically or in printed format. User has the opportunity in printing selected parts of the recorded signals.

Contact Information

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