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Ten 20

Ten20 conductive paste is ideal for applying 10 mm electrodes in a 10/20 pattern for EEG or Evoked potential tests. It’s a staple for expert technicians throughout the world who have come to rely on its optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity. Its features include:

  • No lumping
  • No second serving necessary
  • Washable-easy cleaning- no backlogs



 Name Product No.  Item per package
 Ten20 conductive paste  01EM12 1 (75 gr)


Skin Preparation Gel

Skin preparation gel is beneficial for cleaning the scalp skin where motion artifacts can affect readings, and also useful for  reduction of skin impedance (which would enhance a test result).

Name Product No. Item per package
Skin Preparation Gel 01EM13 1 (80 gr)
Skin Preparation Gel 01EM13 1 (200 gr)



Silver disc-electrode

Disk electrodes can be used as pickups if the distance of recording and stimulating places were long. These electrodes are shielded/unshielded cable that has a length of 120cm and is equipped with a 5-pole connector.

Disk electrode - emg

Product No. Product No. Item per package
Silver disc electrode 02EM11 1


Disposable Needle Electrode

Stainless steel electrodes are pre-sterilized. The exposed point of the cannula is conically sharpened and serves as the recording area. Detachable disposable needle is easy to attach and detach from reusable holder. Just push the needle into the holder and you are ready to test. These needles are disposable and can be only used for a single patient.


Name Product No. Length Item per package
Disposable concentric needle 02M11 28mm 50
Disposable concentric needle 02M12 38mm 50
Disposable concentric needle 02M13 50mm 50


Bar Recording Electrode

Two silver or felt inlay contacts allow a stable, non-polarizing measurement. The contact was established by two 20 mm x 7 mm felt inlays, which were drenched with normal saline. The distance of the recording points is 20 mm or 40 mm. The main lead has a cable length of 120 cm and can be equipped with a 5-pole 270° connector.

Bar Recording Electode


Name Product No. Distance Item per package
Small bar recording electrode 02M14 20mm 1
Large bar recording electrode 02M15 40mm 1
Bar recording electrode felt pad 02M16 10


Stimulator Electrode

The stimulator electrode has the felt inlays stimulation points that can be used for surface stimulation. The distance between the stimulation points is 20mm and the diameter of the stimulation points is 5mm. The length of the main lead is 120cm, with a 5-pole at 270° connector.

Stimulator - emg

Name Product No. Item per package
Stimulator electrode 02M17 1


Ground Electrode

Ground electrode, which is made of stainless steel, offers an alternative to the grounding stripes. More important is the positioning, the correct placement and a good transition resistance. Our custom molded grounds offers long lasting performance. The round stainless steel ground has a flat contact surface and a diameter of 30 mm. A Velcro stripe will be used to keep the ground in place. To achieve the necessary transition resistance with the least possible contact problem, the electrode can also be used as a conventional grounding electrode with contact gel. The main lead will be connected firmly with the plates and will not vary by the length.

Ground electrode - emg


Name Product No. Item per package
Ground electrode 02EM15 1



Needle Holder

120cm shielded cables are available for additional convenience. The cable is suitable for the connection of macro needles and single fiber needles. The 5-pole device connector is compatible with all EMG devices.

Needle Holder


Name Product No. Cable length Item per package
Needle holder cable 04M11 120cm 1

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